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P3 Group Uses Smoke Cannon Technology
P3 Group has partnered with Protect A/S of Denmark to bring smoke protection technology to our market. See this amazing new product in action - Smoke Cannon Video.

Smoke protection stops the thief in less than 20 seconds. Conventional burglar alarms do not stop the thief – they may activate a siren and send a signal to security staff, which will then arrive at the scene after a while. But this has not stopped the thief and he will be gone long before law enforcement or security can respond.

The first few minutes after a break-in therefore give burglars a wide-open window of opportunity. They use it to grab your valuables. With smoke protection you stop the thief in less than 20 seconds – that’s why you need smoke protection!

Driving off burglars in the first few seconds is your business’s best protection
Protect smoke protection is a very effective supplement to a conventional burglar alarm and is built to integrate with existing electronic protection systems and deal with the shortcomings of conventional systems. Within seconds of activation, Protect goes to work, filling your retail location, office or factory with dense clouds of startling but harmless smoke. Denied visibility, would-be thieves become instantly disoriented and flee the way they got in.

Thieves cannot steal what they cannot see!

Protect smoke protection is therefore ideal for preventing break-ins and vandalism to shops, offices, warehouses, etc. The system can fill a shop or a large office with smoke in less than 20 seconds.

Protect provides the final link to securing valuable property. When the system is activated, Protect obscures any area so burglars cannot see what they intend to steal, filling the gap between alarm activation and in-person response.

Web Enabled Video Solutions
IP video solutions are the next wave in CCTV surveillance. The ability to monitor video systems from anywhere in the world is an extremely powerful tool. It enables business owners to better manager their operations, homeowners to keep an eye on their assets, or just check on the kids at school.

Click the link below to view one of our installation sites at Scott High School in Madison, West Virginia

Scott High School Camera

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